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Product information.: BT 1038-1 UV machine
BT 1038-1  UV Curing Machine

  1. 1 Set of  3800 watt  UV Mercury lamp.
  2. Convey Track  for the lengthy piece substrate curing.
  3. UV vanish  Coating Unit
  4. Exhausted can be automatically set for cooling up and down.
  5. Two Side door making  easily to operate.
  6. The coating part chamber made of stainless steel making the body endure to the coating chemical.
  7. Main chamber structure made of powder coated steel plate.
  8. Lamp Power can be adjust 3 steps,  Low, Medium and High Power for proper curing task.
  9. 380 V 50Hz.

BT 1038-1 UV machine
BT 1038-1 UV machine
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