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Product information.: Solar Simulator
BT 1000X-1 Solar Simulator

  1. Ample space , the space of the chamber can be made in customary.
  2. Chamber material made of steel plate
  3. Interior is layered with heat insulation for long term light exposure. The chamber can be used several of hours  continuously.
  4. Xenon Arc Lamp 1000 watt with the peak  wavelength of  about 550 nm the most likely of sunlight beam.
  5. The lamp power can be chosen according to the UV intensity requirement. (w/ m square)
  6. Auto shutter lamp housing  will work with door sensor, shutter will shut the light down when open the door, this would make no interruption  of lamp operation  during changing the material.
  7. Hot mirror covering the lamp housing made to reduce the heat down onto the material test and the inside chamber.
  8. Temperature sensor with LED monitor inspection for long time exposure.
  9. The inside tier can be adjusted its level.
  10. Amp Meter, Hours Meter.
  11. 220 V 50 Hz

Solar Simulator
Solar Simulator
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