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Product information.: XOP Pulsed Xenon
Straight XOP lamps have a diameter of 12mm. and an overall length of 241-698mm, depending on wattage. The lamps are equipped with special cable connections.
The spectrum of their radiation output is like that of all xenon lamps, near-continuous, ranging from about 200 to 1000nm.
The colour temperature is 5600K. Pulsed xenon lamps are operated on a ballast circuit of the semi-resonant type. In addition, they need an electronic ignitor to provide the starting pulse of some 10kV and for the higher wattage, a transformer to step up the mains voltage to the required lamp voltage.

They have instant ignition and re-ignition and require no warming-up time. The average rated life ranges between 250 and 500 hours at a depreciation of 20% after 250 burning hours. XOP lamps need forced-air cooling.
They do not emit any ozone. Since they emit short-wave UV radiation, they must be screened to protect the eyes and skin, the lamp holders must be insulated from the luminaries. The burning position is universal.

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XOP Pulsed Xenon
XOP Pulsed Xenon
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