UV Curing System
IR Drier System
Special H.I.D. Lamp
Linear Tungsten Halogen Lamp
Omnicure Spot UV Bonding
UVC Lamp หลอดยูวีฆ่าเชื้อ
แอลอีดี โค้ตติ้ง/ LED Coating
หลอดยูวี อบแห้ง / UV Curing System
หลอดอินฟราเรด / IR Drier System
Special H.I.D. Lamp
หลอดยูวีฆ่าเชื้อ UVC Germicidal Lamp
ยูวีอบกาวเฉพาะจุด/Spot UV Bonding
UV Adhesive/กาวยูวีไร้ร่องรอย
Product information.: MPXL-RP50
35W Micro discharge lamps with a diachronic reflector of 50 mm. The arc length of the /1-P version is 4.2 mm. and that of the /2-P version 3.8 mm. mounted on a P32-d base. Characteristic life (Tc) is 5000 h. if switched on and off once per 12 h. The lamps emit very little UV due to the use of a UV block outer bulb.

These lamps can only be use in conjunction with an electronic ballast and starter. The lamps are able to withstand a fast run-up mode as used in automotive applications. Lamps can be relit right after switch-off (hot re strike): the ballast must then have sufficient lamp voltage is approx. 85V.

The lamps are specially made for fiber optic unit as used in:
► Medical applications
► Museum lighting
► Starry skins
► Microscopes

lamps should be used in closed luminaries only

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